Orion® Fuel Cell Stacks

Our Expertise
Since our founding in 2000, major automakers and manufacturers of industrial vehicles have collaborated with Nuvera to incorporate our motive fuel cell expertise and power into their products. The result of this experience is our Orion® stack, our eighth-generation stack – a unique fuel cell technology that distinguishes our company and our range of power solutions for OEMs:

  • World-class performance in outputs ranging from 10 to 100 kW and higher
  • Ease of integration provided by optimized control logic
  • Patented fuel cell technology that enables a winning combination for cost, compactness and durability
As a long-established and specialized PEM fuel cell systems developer, our engineering teams bring extensive experience in both fuel cell stack design and hybrid fuel cell powertrain development. Our predecessor companies offer over 90 years of innovative electrochemical technology development background that Nuvera has built on to deliver reliable, cost-effective commercial products.

Your Application

In addition to providing the core of the PowerEdge® cell – our battery box replacement for forklifts and other industrial vehicles – the Orion stack is ideal for other applications in industrial mobility, aerospace and transportation. Nuvera works with vehicle OEMs under contract to design and manufacture fuel cell engines using Orion stacks. Please contact us to discuss your application and requirements.

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