Orion Fuel Cell Stacks

Nuvera has supplied high-performance motive fuel cells to major automakers and manufacturers of industrial vehicles for over 12 years. The result of this experience is named OrionĀ®.

Nuvera's unique Orion fuel cell technology distinguishes the company and its products. Nuvera is among the world's foremost providers of PEM fuel cell systems and its specialized engineering team provides extensive experience in hybrid battery/fuel cell powertrain development. The company's history is deeply rooted in nearly 90 years of innovative electrochemical technology development that today provides reliable, cost-effective commercial products.

Nuvera's Orion fuel cell stack offers best-in-class power density in sizes ranging from 10 to 300 kW. Orion offers superior performance and durability in a compact package. Provided with its own control logic, called SmartStackā„¢, Orion is easily integrated by OEMs.