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Zero Emissions Vehicles Market an Opportunity for Congress

There are two types of commercialized zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) available to consumers today, the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) and the battery electric vehicle (BEV). Both types of vehicles support greenhouse gas reductions, improve local air quality, and reduce reliance on oil. Many automakers are now investing in fuel cells as an essential technology to create consumer-friendly zero-carbon transportation options.

Topics: Climate Action and Government Policy OEM Motive Power Integration

Saving and Shaving: Fuel Cells in Materials Handling Reduce Peak Electric Demand and Power Outage Risk

Among the cost drivers of electricity usage in your materials handling facility, lift truck battery chargers could be among the biggest electricity consumers. Battery chargers can also drive up additional annual peak demand charges for your building. Electricity demand during peak periods may result in utility surcharges, with the additional risk of stretching grid capacity to the point of power outages or need for usage restrictions.

Topics: Forklift Operations peak shaving power outage risk