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Hydrogen-Powered Forklifts Eligible for Energy Efficiency Incentives

If your company is considering a new construction project or a custom retrofit of an existing facility, there may be financial incentives for energy related investments under your state’s energy efficiency programs. These energy-related investments now include Nuvera® fuel cell systems for electric lift trucks.

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Hydrogen-Powered Ports

On November 10, 2016, 100 government officials, terminal operators, environmental advocates, and technology solutions providers met at the Port of Los Angeles to discuss how the use of hydrogen in the nation’s seaports can dramatically reduce toxic air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. The Port of LA is the busiest in the nation and the 9th largest in the world. It was an ideal setting for a workshop convened by the California Hydrogen Business Council to explore how hydrogen and fuel cells solutions at ports can address some of the most pressing environmental issues of today.

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As fuel cell vehicle markets grow, experts weigh in on the convenience and safety of hydrogen

Consumers are reluctant to compromise on convenience, power, range or safety to support zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandates set out by ZEV States. Automakers understand this, as noted by an advanced technology manager of a leading manufacturer, “If society’s goals are to reduce carbon from the transportation side, they only have a few options and from our point of view, [hydrogen] is the most compelling one.”[i] 

Furthering this idea, zeroemissions.org provides fuel cell vehicle (FCV) facts to support the idea of zero emissions with zero compromise.

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LiftOne Showcases Nuvera® All-In Fuel Cell Solutions at Hyster-Yale Experience Center

Event: Emerging Technologies Fair, November 3, at LiftOne North Carolina Headquarters in Charlotte. Today, materials handling equipment customers are at LiftOne and the Hyster-Yale Experience Center, learning about a fast-fueled power option for electric lift trucks – counterbalance forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts, and motorized hand-trucks.

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