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Diving Deep with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pioneer: The Nuvera Co-Op Program

We are at a major turning point in the global clean energy transformation. With the passage of recent landmark legislation, the US is poised to embark on its most ambitious program to date to decarbonize the economy. This makes it more important than ever to cultivate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and other leaders in the hydrogen energy field. To provide students with direct industry knowledge and experience as they prepare to enter the workforce, Nuvera administers a highly structured co-op program that affords a deep dive into advanced clean transportation technology fields, and also provides opportunities for students to pursue their individual interests and direct their own hands-on education.

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Best Practices in Fuel Cell System Design

With more than 25 years’ experience designing and validating fuel cell systems for myriad real-world applications, and now on its eighth generation of fuel cell stack architecture, Nuvera’s engineering team is sharing much of what it has learned about best practices in fuel cell system design. This paper draws on lessons learned over the years and questions that arise frequently with our customers and partners.

Topics: #HydrogenNow #FuelCellNow