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Making Things Better: Making a Difference by Making Better Things

Meet Nuvera’s director of marketing and corporate development, Gus Block. Gus is engaged in global marketing, new business development, government affairs, and strategic planning initiatives that help drive positive outcomes for Nuvera, its industry partners, and society at large. As you’ll discover, he is also a lifelong thing-maker.

In 2022 Gus was named to the Environment+Energy Leader 100, an annual list that recognizes the environment and energy “doers” who craft new solutions, programs, platforms, best practices and products. Gus is among the Nuvera founding members that are still with the company 22 years later, and has had a variety of roles including systems engineering, product development, project management, and industry advocacy.

We asked Gus about his current focus at Nuvera, his views on fuel cell industry trends, and the activities he enjoys pursuing (besides being a card-carrying hydrogen revolutionary).

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Nuvera Celebrates Fuel Cell Engine Achievements on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

Billerica, Massachusetts – October 5, 2022 – Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, joins the industry in celebrating the 8th Annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to raise awareness of the benefits hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies provide in reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and driving economic growth. Nuvera is celebrating a year of both new and continued relationships and growing adoption of its hydrogen solutions for commercial vehicles and equipment.


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Nuvera Announces Fuel Cell Engine Order from European Marine Systems Integrator

Companies Will Jointly Explore Zero-Emission Options for Marine Applications

Billerica, Mass., October 03, 2022 — Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Italy-based system integrator H2Boat, which is developing a zero-emission energy solution for marine applications. As part of the project, Nuvera will supply an E-45 fuel cell engine to H2Boat for marine type approval certification, and subsequently for integration in H2Boat’s forthcoming HP Energy Pack (P>40kW). H2Boat anticipates using Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines to expand its marine product line.


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