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Massachusetts Offers Examples on National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day

In the past year, awareness around the use of hydrogen has continued to grow. In Massachusetts alone, where Nuvera is based, there are now several hydrogen stations which separately serve fuel cell vehicle demonstrations, industrial forklift operations, and most recently the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), which operates a fuel cell transit bus in revenue generating service. National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day provides an opportunity to highlight the fuel cell and hydrogen technologies that provide reliable and resilient power, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase America’s energy security.  The date, October 8, is in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008).

“On behalf of the employees at Nuvera, I can say we feel privileged to contribute fuel cell power and hydrogen supply solutions to an industry that has enabled, and continues to enable, cost-effective, high-efficiency, zero emissions vehicles in a variety of applications,” says Jon Taylor, President & CEO. Join Nuvera in celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 2017 with some of the following examples in Massachusetts:


  • This year’s National Hydrogen Day marks the opportunity for Boston to boast its first zero-emissions fuel cell bus and transit bus fueling station. The fuel cell bus currently operates on a changing schedule across various routes within the MBTA transit system, weekdays through early 2018. Anytime you find and ride the bus, tweet a quick thank you to MBTA for supporting #HydrogenNow and #FuelCellsNow.

  • Stars of Technology Event in Shrewsbury Massachusetts showcases advanced technologies for materials handling, including drop-in fuel cell power options for electric counterbalance, reach and rider lift trucks. 
  • As of 2017, Nuvera has provided more on-site hydrogen generation installations for materials handling facilities than any other company in the U.S. And today, Nuvera’s on-site hydrogen generator, fueling station and drop-in fuel cell power systems are transforming forklift operations on 6 value drivers at a customer site in Massachusetts.

The growing use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is something Nuvera also proudly celebrates together with the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA). Morry Markowitz, President of FCHEA, observed, “As we celebrate our third annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, the hydrogen and fuel cell future we worked for is making its mark today, with dynamic and growing markets across the industry. This progress is a tribute to the companies, organizations, and individuals who pioneered these technologies to help make hydrogen and fuel cells a reality now.”

Nuvera is a member of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association

Visit www.hydrogenfuelcellday.org for more on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. 

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