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EPA Qualifies Hydrogen from Biogas for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Under Expanded Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Pathways Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) requires importers and producers of transportation fuel to include percentages of various kinds of renewable fuel in the overall volume they import or produce each year. Importers and producers may acquire fuel credits known as Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) to demonstrate that they have met the requirement. On July 2nd the EPA qualified additional fuel pathways to include hydrogen generated from biogas projects for powering fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). This addition is a critical first step toward the 2022 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels used in transportation. The RVO obligation represents an increase of cellulosic biofuel use in U.S. transportation by 2,666 times from 2013 levels.

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