A Boston First, Fueled by Nuvera (VIDEO)

A zero-emissions fuel cell bus joins the Boston public transit fleet as part of an FTA-sponsored project. The bus received a full fueling at Nuvera corporate headquarters in Billerica before final delivery to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA). There, a Nuvera® hydrogen station completes the program to reduce the use of petroleum and grow a greener economy using hydrogen. Read more and watch the video...

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What Will Be Your First Step Into the Hydrogen Economy?

Nuvera is known for many first steps in the development of hydrogen enabling technologies. One of those firsts was the installation of the first hydrogen refueling station in Massachusetts (as reported in 2008 autoblog.com article).

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Bring on the cars. The fueling is right behind.

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“Hydrogen-Ready?” It is a Key Question at Hannover Messe 2014

This year’s leading themes at Germany’s influential innovation and technology trade fair focus on topics in Green Tech, Mobility and Energy that are of pivotal importance now.

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Nuvera Launches First Fuel Cell Vehicle Program of its kind in Massachusetts

PRESS RELEASE: Billerica, Mass., April 17, 2013 — Nuvera Fuel Cells has inaugurated a program with Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. (TMS) in which Nuvera will operate and maintain two Toyota Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles (FCHV-adv) at its headquarters in Billerica, Massachusetts. 

The two-year program is the first of its kind in Massachusetts and will help build awareness of fuel cell technology, the benefits of hydrogen as a clean fuel, and the development of hydrogen infrastructure in the Northeast.

Update: Since this press release Toyota has introduced the Mirai and featured Nuvera in a 2015 video that went viral on YouTube, watch "Fueled by Bullsh*t." The video demonstrates the use of methane captured from cow manure to produce hydrogen and fuel a fuel cell vehicle. 

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