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Engines Redefined

The modern answer to an emission-free future.

Nuvera® fuel cell engines provide world-class performance for motive
applications in outputs ranging from 10 to 100 kW and higher.

We’re at a pivotal moment in the transportation industry. To expand market share and meet expanding regulatory requirements, vehicle OEMs must offer customers zero-emission options that perform as well as – or better than –  today’s best platforms do. They must be practical to own and operate, whether by individual drivers or by fleet operators.

The time to move forward with fuel cells is NOW.

For many medium- and heavy-duty applications, fuel cells are the only answer to meet the power density and functional requirements that vehicle owners expect.

The Nuvera® 45 kW Fuel Cell Engine, the most recent addition to the Nuvera product line, is the compact, efficient and reliable solution to vehicle electrification.

Based on our eighth-generation stack technology, Nuvera’s newest engine enables high-performance zero-emission powertrains for material handling equipment, buses, trucks and other on- and off-road vehicles. The Nuvera® 45 kW Fuel Cell Engine can provide primary power for a vehicle, or be hybridized with batteries to extend EV range.

Features include:

-  Compact and Light

Fully Integrated Compressor
Uncoated Metal Plates
Unique Patented Controls
Open Flow Field Stack Architecture

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