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4 tips & info for forklift power performance:

  1. Consider these specs when choosing a fuel cell system (Fuel Cell System Spec Sheet)
  2. Meet your truck requirements (Fuel Cell System Specs Covering Truck Requirements)
  3. Compare energy use of common forklift power options (Fuel Cell System Sustainability Sheet)
  4. Seek innovative products with highest efficiency (ProMatShow.com>Innovation Submission)


3 safety insights related to hydrogen, fuel cell products and standards: 

  1. Product related safety measures for Nuvera® fuel cell systems (Fuel Cell System Safety Measures Sheet)
  2. 1-page resource: everything from national standards to the behavior of hydrogen ("How Safe is Hydrogen?" Sheet)
  3. Benefits in support of workplace health (Nuvera.com>Applications>ForkliftOperations>WorkplaceHealth)


5 links to help build your case:

  1. Reduction in total energy used (Fuel Cell System Sustainability Sheet)
  2. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Fuel Cell System Sustainability Sheet)
  3. Sustainability benefits of on-site hydrogen generation (Hydrogen Generator Sustainability Sheet)
  4. Energy efficiency incentives for new construction or retrofit programs (Energy Incentives Sheet)
  5. "Save and shave" information on the use of fuel cell systems to reduce peak electric demand and power outage risk (Nuvera.com>Resources>BlogPostings)

Why Hydrogen?

Understand your needs, the fuel cell market, and the power of hydrogen to transform the materials handling business:

  1. Use 6 key value drivers as a guide to transfrom your business (6 Value Drivers Sheet)
  2. Watch 6 key value drivers video in 90 seconds (Nuvera.com>Applications>ForkliftOperations)
  3. The adoption of fuel cell-powered lift trucks (Yale Whitepaper)
  4. Energy efficiency incentives (Energy Efficiency Info Sheet)
  5. Overview of fast-fueled electric forklift power in 3 simple steps (Interactive PDF)
  6. Business Case for Fuel Cells 2015 (Energy.gov>FCHEA Report)
  7. Respected global management consulting firm presents 7 major roles of hydrogen in energy transformation.

Hydrogen Supply

Specifications for Nuvera's on-site solution

  1. Nuvera® Hydrogen Generator and Fueling Station (Spec Sheet)
  2. Nuvera® Hydrogen Generator (Spec Sheet)

Why Nuvera?

Product and company strengths

  1. Experience providing fuel cell solutions for forklift operations (Qualifications Info Sheet)
  2. Industry innovation, involvement and milestone (Nuvera.com>Company>Experience)
  3. Comprehensive all-in fuel cell solutions: H2 power, H2 supply, comprehenisve range of lift trucks, parts, service and flexible financing options (Yale.com>Yale Hydrogen Fleet Solutions)

Dealer Network

Featured Hyster-Yale dealers (a partial listing) offering customers all-in fuel cell solutions:

  1. Lift One
    Nuvera® product showcase at the Hyster-Yale Experience Center (Resources>BlogPostings>LiftOne...)
  2. NITCO
    All-In Fuel Cell Solutions at Gillette Stadium (Video)
  3. Eastern Lift Truck
    Clean Tech exhibit with Nuvera at NYC Fleet Event (Resources>BlogPostings>Eastern...)
  4. Wajax Equipment
    Canadian retailer evaluates fuel cells and chooses Wajax for deployment of Nuvera® Fuel Cell Systems (Resources>BlogPostings>Canadian...)
  5. Fairchild Equipment
    MHEDA award winning dealer explains how hydrogen will affect the materials handling industry (FairchildEquipment.com>Blog)


How to consider cost and the potential for lowering your total cost of ownership: 

  1. Consider Total Cost of Ownership (eBook)
  2. Business Case for Fuel Cells (Energy.gov>FCHEA Report)
  3. An Evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership of Fuel Cell Powered Material Handling Equipment (Energy.gov>NREL Report) 
  4. Financing (Hyster® Capital Info Sheet or Yale® Financial Services Info Sheet)