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  • Products_PT-IHS_ConvenientDispenserLocation.jpg

    Conveniently Locate Refueling Opportunities:

    Indoor/outdoor dispensers can be located where operators need them.

  • Products_PT-IHS_IntegratedLeakCheck.jpg

    Ease of Operation:

    Intuitive operation and integrated leak checking enable fast and simple fueling.

  • Products_PT-IHS_SequencingPanel.jpg

    Ensure Fast Fills:

    Compressors feature integrated cascade filling to ensure optimal storage and supply utilization.

  • Products_PT-IHS_Storage.jpg

    ASME-Standard Cascading Buffer Storage:

    Cascading buffer storage is scalable to fleet needs and back-up storage options.

  • Products_PT-IHS_RemoteMonitoring.jpg


    Remote monitoring supports service demands.

  • Products_PT-IHS_CompactPad.jpg

    Compact and Modular:

    Solution offers a reduction in overall footprint and reduced building offsets compared with delivered liquid hydrogen options. Compact and modular sites can be configured to hydrogen needs.


Spec Sheet

Download product component and specification details. Contact your Hyster® or Yale® dealer, or your Nuvera representative for availability.


Sustainability Sheet

Download overview of benefits using hydrogen power to advance corporate sustainability initiatives.



Download eBook to learn more about cost comparisons respective to a fuel cell power and hydrogen supply investment.