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    Secure a Dedicated, Low-Cost Supply

    Generating hydrogen from natural gas and water at your facility is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to delivered hydrogen for fleets that require steady fueling at specific scales of use.

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    Choose Proven Equipment

    Industry-leading steam methane reformer (SMR), capable of hundreds of cycles, rated for 10-year life.

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    Generate High-Grade Fuel

    Advanced hydrogen purification system delivers high-purity fuel for optimum fuel cell performance.

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    Benefit from Compact and Modular Design

    The Nuvera® hydrogen generator revolutionizes SMR hydrogen production for modular installation at the point of use, and offers scalability to fleet needs.

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    Discover the Economy of On-Site Generation

    Eliminate supply delivery costs. Eliminate delivery-related logistics. Eliminate the carbon footprint of delivered hydrogen.

Spec Sheet

Download product component and specification details. Contact your Hyster® or Yale® dealer, or your Nuvera representative for availability.


Sustainability Sheet

Download overview of benefits using hydrogen power to advance corporate sustainability initiatives.



Download eBook to learn more about cost comparisons respective to a fuel cell power and hydrogen supply investment.

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