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Orion® Fuel Cell Stack Highlighted at World’s Largest Industrial Fair

Among the over 6,000 exhibitors at Hannover Messe 2014, Nuvera Fuel Cells was highlighted in “Energy Products & Innovations” for its Orion® Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack; a leading PEM Fuel Cell design for motive applications (i.e. industrial mobility, aerospace and automotive): http://www.hannovermesse.de/en/press-service/press-releases/pressreleases-deutsche-messe/index.xhtml?id=649285&lang=GB&page=1&page_size=20&bereich=632391&unterbereich=632385conventional-vs-nuvera-stack-technology-259x300.jpg

The Nuvera Difference

More information on Nuvera fuel cell stacks for OEM integration

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