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Nuvera’s eighth-generation stack offers unique fuel cell technology that distinguishes our company and our range of power solutions for OEMs.

Our open flow field technology is free breathing, meaning more reactants can reach the entire MEA, providing greater power density and higher efficiency.

  • World-class performance for motive applications in outputs ranging from 10 to 100 kW and higher
  • Ease of integration provided by optimized control logic
  • Patented fuel cell technology that enables a winning combination for cost, compactness and durability
  • Compact stack provides enhanced packaging flexibility

As a long-established and specialized PEM fuel cell systems developer, our engineering teams bring extensive experience in both fuel cell stack design and hybrid fuel cell powertrain development. Our predecessor companies offer more than 90 years of innovative electrochemical technology development background that Nuvera has built on to deliver competitive commercial products.

Fuel Cell Stacks

Nuvera fuel cell stacks are designed for HD applications from the ground up.

  • Open Flow Field technology
    • More reactant molecules in contact with MEA – increases efficiency
    • Reduces fluid-based stresses on MEA – increases membrane life
    • Scalable design – reduces complexity
  • Metal plates
    • Resists vibration and shock better than composites

Nuvera’s forthcoming stack architecture will have 30 times greater power density than Nuvera’s first-generation units and 20% greater unit cell area.

Technology Advantages

Nuvera’s immense IP and expertise in hydrogen power deliver clear advantages:

  • Unique technology featuring uncoated metal plates, an open flow, control systems and more.
  • Global manufacturing capabilities supported by automated fuel cell stack production.
  • A dedicated team responsible for the successful integration of Nuvera products into electric drivetrains and other systems.

Application Engagement

Application engagement begins early in the sales process and continues through the system design phase.

Application Assessments

FCHEV model development and simulation analyses (engine size, battery size, range, H2consumption)

Technical questions

Providing clarifications for product documentation (software and hardware interface requirements)

Interface module consulting

Providing references to component suppliers and solutions for consideration (power module, thermal module, air treatment, fuel system)

Design review participation

Participating in reviews of the system level design (mounting, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, software)Interface module consulting

Integration and test support

Verification of the product installation and operation (engine commissioning)

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