Nuvera FUEL CELLS Europe

Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe

Fuel cells are a powerful solution enabling the European Union to achieve its decarbonization targets. With three decades of experience in Europe, Nuvera is a fuel cell innovator committed to helping lead the continent’s clean energy transition.

Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe is a fully equipped and highly proficient engineering, testing and service center for Nuvera Fuel Cell products.

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Local Facilities and Support

Nuvera Europe’s staff averages more than 20 years of experience, offering top-tier expertise in customer-oriented fuel cell solutions for specific OEM customer needs in multiple applications.


MILAN, ITALY – Nuvera’s Milan, Italy facilities include commercial and administrative offices, engineering and product development facilities and customer service support for European customers.

OSIO, ITALY – Nuvera’s state-of-the-art fuel cellEngine Test Module, located in Osio, Italy, provides automated high-capacity fuel cell testing facilities and applications assessment.


NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS – Nuvera’s Nijmegen, Netherlands location provides sales support, application development and aftermarket services, deepening the connection to European customers and enhancing in-region commercial activities and support.

It facilitates collaboration with Nuvera’s parent company, Hyster-Yale Group, with proximity to the Hyster® Nijmegen plant. Hyster has increased its focus on supporting the transition to zero-emission port equipment leveraging Nuvera’s hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Key Projects and Partnerships

Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe provides customers the means to improve their own products – from the definition of customer requirements to the development of solutions and successful implementations in the field.


Key Hyster® projects powered by Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe include:

  • A reachstacker at the Port of Valencia in Spain
  • An empty container handler for Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG in Germany. 


DEVINN uses a Nuvera® E-60 engine to power its H2BOT semi-autonomous charging unit for electric vehicles. The H2BOT system is engineered for use in public parking lots, substituting for static charging points and providing independence from the electric grid.

The project was financed by a European Union partnership to accelerate research and development in hydrogen as a power source.

Strategic Partnerships

Nuvera’s growth in Europe has also been propelled by strategic partnerships with companies including:

Industry Engagement

The Nuvera team has traveled the continent to participate, exhibit and speak at events tied to Europe’s clean transportation and hydrogen efforts. The European team exhibits at major trade shows including the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Germany, Green Marine Vessels Summit and Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo.

Nuvera is a member of Hydrogen Europe, a leading industry association with more than 290 members. Hydrogen Europe is partnering with the European Union and global stakeholders to develop hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, propel global carbon neutrality and accelerate the European hydrogen industry.

Nuvera is among 12 partners of the APOLO project, which launched in January 2024. This initiative, funded by the European Union, will use power conversion technologies—including fuel cells—to enable maritime transport decarbonization. Nuvera will provide a 125 kW fuel cell engine. Several of Nuvera’s European colleagues are active participants in the consortium.

Nuvera is a key participant in StasHH, a European consortium leading the establishment of an open standard for fuel cell modules. This groundbreaking initiative aims to promote uniformity in size, interfaces, control and testing protocols, thereby facilitating the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cells in the heavy-duty mobility sector.

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Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC site is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.

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EUROPE | European Offices and Testing Facilities
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