About Nuvera Fuel cells


Nuvera Fuel Cells is powering fuel cell technology across diverse applications, including on- and off-road vehicles and equipment, port and maritime applications, and stationary and portable power solutions within the growing hydrogen economy.

Our zero-emission fuel cell engines redefine motive and stationary power, helping meet rigorous commercial needs and mandates worldwide.

With sales, application and support teams located in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Nuvera is helping move the world toward a sustainable future.

Why Nuvera?

  • A passion for exceeding expectations.
  • Leadership in fuel cell efficiency and power density.
  • Attractive cost of ownership.


The solutions that Nuvera builds for today’s growing hydrogen economy — for demanding markets such as industrial motive power — are the result of the proven experience in the fuel cell power and hydrogen supply industry that Nuvera has to offer.

Innovation and Value

Nuvera has created key technologies across the entire hydrogen value chain – generation, purification, compression and fuel cell power. Enabled by a diversified patent portfolio, Nuvera is positioned to innovate with a growing market — minimizing risk in technology investment and offering a solid range of solutions.

Pivotal Involvement in the Industry

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA), the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) have awarded pivotal projects in the development and demonstration of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to Nuvera based on the expertise and assurance for success that the engineers, world-class labs and production capabilities at our Massachusetts-based U.S. facility bring to fuel cell power and hydrogen supply innovations.

Codes and Standards Development

Product development and innovation, customer site implementation, and service training all benefit from Nuvera’s codes and standards experience, particularly in the area of fuel cell-powered industrial trucks. By invitation of key codes and standards organizations, Nuvera engineers have participated on and lead technical committees in the development of hydrogen-related codes and standards, including CSA standards for dispensing equipment for hydrogen-powered industrial trucks, ISO involvement respective to hydrogen fueling stations, and NFPA participation respective to the hydrogen technology code.

Community Improvement

The adoption of fuel cell vehicles and equipment will eliminate toxic emissions from diesel and other fossil fuels. Improved air quality provides benefits to all – most especially to residents of economically and environmentally disadvantaged communities located closest to industrial sites, highways, and in crowded urban areas. The positive effects will be felt now and for generations to come.


Nuvera actively engages with local and national organizations focused on deploying hydrogen solutions for cleaner, more sustainable communities and expanding access to clean transportation for underserved populations.

  • Mass ZEV Commission: Nuvera is a member of the Massachusetts Zero-Emissions Vehicle Commission, a coalition of stakeholders comprised of environmental groups, community development organizations, utilities, vehicle manufacturers, and infrastructure providers. The commission recommends policies to expand access to electric and fuel cell vehicle infrastructure and encourage the adoption of these vehicles. It increasingly focuses on the adoption of fuel cell vehicles for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to expand the benefits of hydrogen technologies to disadvantaged communities.
  • MassCEC: Nuvera has worked with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Massport, which administers the Port of Boston as well as Logan Airport, for a Massachusetts-based ports project. Reducing diesel emissions from port vehicles and equipment helps improve air quality in surrounding neighborhoods.
  • CTE: Nuvera is a member of the Center for Transportation and the Environment, an organization deeply engaged in the deployment of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling infrastructure across the US, including a project funded by the California Air Resources Board to develop and deploy the world’s first fuel cell top loading container handler powered by Nuvera® fuel cell engines. Among other initiatives CTE advocates for the adoption of fuel cell electric buses, which provide access to clean transit services to residents of all income levels.
  • NECEC: Nuvera is among the members supporting the Northeast Clean Energy Council, a business association dedicated to leading the just, equitable and rapid transition to a clean energy future and diverse climate economy.

Corporate Timeline


Nuvera is established by Arthur D. Little (ADL), De Nora and Hess Corporation, merging the fuel processing technology leadership of Epyx Corporation (a spin-off of Arthur D. Little ) and the fuel cell technology leadership of De Nora Fuel Cells.


Hess buys out Arthur D. Little.


Renault invests.


Hess buys out Renault and DeNora.


Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG) acquires Nuvera from Hess.


NMHG renamed to Hyster-Yale Group (HYG).


Hyster-Yale Group (HYG) renamed to Hyster-Yale Materials Handling(HYMH)



  • Centro Ricerche Fiat integrates Nuvera® automotive fuel cell stack technology into the FIAT® Seicento, as well as a prototype of Fiat’s next generation fuel cell vehicle, the Panda Hydrogen. Both vehicles were demonstrated in ride and drives by FIAT Auto. 


  • First-ever trials of fuel cell rail car in Japan are supported by Nuvera technology, the Forza™ PEM fuel cell. 
  • Japan Gas Association selects Nuvera’s Avanti ™ fuel cell power module to deploy integrated combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell system. 
  • Fuel cell motive power integration for Ice Bear electric ice resurfacer. 


  • Aixam Mega microtruck fuel cell power integration.  
  • Taylor Dunn light utility pick-up truck fuel cell power integration. 
  • Fuel cell stack provider and project partner demonstrating advanced underground vehicle power for fuel cell mine locomotive. 


  • East Penn and Nuvera introduce ReadyPower™ fuel cell battery replacements for electric forklifts under joint development for DOE program. 
  • East Penn Manufacturing installs Nuvera’s first PowerTap® On-Site Hydrogen Generator to power a fleet of fuel cell-powered forklift trucks. 
  • The FIAT® Panda Hydrogen, a fuel cell powered car featuring the Nuvera® Andromeda II™ stack, officially presented at the first ever Hydrogen Olympics in Turin, Italy. 



  • New Holland introduces premiere hydrogen-powered tractor, using Nuvera fuel cell technology to enable award-winning energy independent farm project. 
  • Commercial grocer H-E-B deploys the Nuvera Total Power Solution™ — fuel cell power systems, hydrogen generation and hydrogen station. 


  • The FIAT® Panda Fuel Cell automobile, featuring a fuel cell stack from Nuvera, participates in HyTRANS and HySYS projects, as well as in the Challenge Bidendum in Rio de Janeiro, an annual sustainable mobility event held by Michelin (now called Movin’On). 



  • Nuvera begins process of commercialization together with a global provider of materials handling equipment – a move expected to change the lift truck business


  • Nuvera ships the first units of its newest line of fuel cell systems in its continued progress toward full commercialization and start of demonstrations and commercial deployment. 



  • Award from California Air Resources Board for Fuel Cell-Powered Port Equipment.


  • Customers in Europe and China receive Nuvera fuel cell systems for integration into commercial medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.


  • Nuvera introduces E-45 Fuel Cell Engine.


  • Nuvera expands product line with launch of E-60 Fuel Cell Engine.
  • E-60 Fuel Cell Engine awarded Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center certification.


  • World’s first fuel cell shipping container handler at Port of Los Angeles powered by Nuvera.
  • Nuvera joins Hydrogen Europe.
  • Nuvera supplies fuel cell engines to Indian market.


  • Nuvera expands maritime industry engagement.
  • Urban Mobility Systems and Nuvera power zero-emission vehicles and equipment in Europe.

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