There’s a first for everything. Just as Nuvera has installed the first 70 MPa hydrogen dispenser for vehicle use in Massachusetts, Hyundai is now announcing the first customer of a mass-produced, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle (FCV). Timothy Bush, the proud driver of the new Hyundai Tucson FCV says the lease decision was easy. “What’s great about the Tucson [FCV] is that its day-to-day utility is virtually identical to the gasoline version, so we don’t have to compromise our lifestyle in the process; I can easily fit all of our family’s things in the back. The attractive $499 lease rate with unlimited free hydrogen fuel made the decision to drive a fuel cell even easier.”

Nuvera Fuels Cells, with support from the Massachsuetts Clean Energy Center, is working on a program to support next-generation hydrogen refueling. Expected completion is in tandem with FCV deployments by Toyota and Honda, in addition to Hyundai.

Watch Video and learn how the Nuvera’s hydrogen generator is positioned to support efficient deployment of automotive fueling infrastructure.