Nuvera recently established a new office in Nijmegen, Netherlands, where Fuel Cells Europe (NFCE) provides sales support, application development, and aftermarket services, deepening the connection to European customers and enhancing its in-region commercial activities and support.

The first two employees in NFCE’s Nijmegen office, Gedeon Desroches and Dirk van der Wijst, are excited to be enhancing Nuvera’s engagement with European customers and partners. We talked with them about their path to Nuvera, their role in the new Netherlands office, and how they are aligned with Nuvera’s mission to move the world toward a better future.

Tell us about your role at Nuvera.

Dirk: I joined Nuvera Europe’s Business Development team three months ago as a business development associate. My responsibilities include cultivating relationships with customers and stakeholders in vehicle, equipment, and other industrial sectors, along with conducting market research to identify potential opportunities for Nuvera.    

Ged: My main role as an applications development engineer is to assist customers in the successful integration of our fuel cell engines into their applications (on- and off-road vehicles, stationary power systems, marine, etc.), usually a prototype or pre-production system. We work closely with customers from the beginning of their integration journey, typically starting with an application assessment where we study the feasibility and compatibility with our product, to the end goal of successfully integrating our fuel cell engine into their application.

What was your path to this role and why did you choose Nuvera?

Dirk: While completing my automotive engineering bachelor’s degree, I interned at Big Truck Development Center of Hyster-Yale Group (HYG), Nuvera’s parent company. After graduating, I transitioned to working as a systems engineer at HYG. My strong interest in business development, sales, marketing, and innovation then led me to pursue a master’s degree in innovation management. When I discovered Nuvera’s opportunity in business development for their new Nijmegen office, it felt like the ideal next step for me.    

The hydrogen fuel cell market, along with Nuvera’s newly established Netherlands office, presents exciting new prospects. I am enthusiastic about leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of my colleagues to navigate this burgeoning industry.

Ged: When my former coworker and current manager approached me about an opening on his team, I researched Nuvera’s goals in the rapidly growing fuel cell market and quickly realized it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I spent four years at Nuvera’s U.S. facility before transitioning to the Netherlands office to support the European team last year. Given my engineering background and strong interest in clean transportation technologies, Nuvera is a great fit for me. I’m eagerly anticipating the growth and opportunities ahead in the hydrogen industry.      

What is the benefit of the Netherlands office to European customers and partners?

Dirk: As the interest and demand for the decarbonization of the mobility industry through hydrogen solutions rises in Europe, having a customer-focused office near our clients is provide them significant value. It allows for easier lines of communication, time zone alignment, the ability to visit customers in person, and hosting clients at our office in Nijmegen to foster stronger relationships. Additionally, our office is next to the Hyster-Yale facility in Nijmegen, making it easy for us to conduct face-to-face meetings and collaborate seamlessly on projects.

Ged: By having a customer support location in-region for both current and potential future customers, we can more efficiently and effectively support customer activities. The benefit here is more readily available support from us for our customers along with improved response times when assistance is needed, answering questions, and solving issues quickly, avoiding downtime. The location in Nijmegen allows us to be much more engaged in customer sales, service, and support activities. The combination of our Nijmegen office and our facilities in Milan, supercharges Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe’s customer services support for our European clients with commercial, engineering and product development capabilities. 

Can you describe the sales support, application development and aftermarket services Nuvera provides? What sets Nuvera apart from others in the industry?

Dirk: In my role in sales support, I focus on guiding customers through their initial interactions with Nuvera. This involves sharing industry knowledge, establishing trust, and assisting with their buying decisions. Our strategic advantage over industry competitors stems from our accessibility to customers in Europe. The presence of a customer-focused office in the region enhances the connection people feel with Nuvera, underscoring our commitment to the excellence of the customer experience and customized service.

Ged: Nuvera provides support to the customer through all stages of their system development initiatives, which begins with the business development and sales team discussing the interest and needs for their applications. When a customer purchases an engine, the applications development team supports them through the system design and development process to a successful commissioning of the engine in their system. From there, the aftermarket team takes over to continue supporting the customer.

One thing that sets Nuvera apart is our high level of interaction with the customer. From the beginning of their fuel cell journey (where it may be their first time working with fuel cells or even electrifying a system) to the goal of getting a system up and running successfully, we are there to assist.

How do you feel Nuvera is helping move the world toward a better future?

Dirk: Hydrogen is emerging as a key pillar of the European Union’s strategy for reaching decarbonization goals and reducing its dependence on imported fossil fuels.      

When customers purchase and integrate our fuel cells into their specific applications, they reduce emissions and thereby achieve a more positive environmental impact.  

Ged: The main way Nuvera is helping move the world towards a better future is through the products we manufacture – our fuel cells generate clean power with zero emissions, releasing only oxygen-depleted air and water. This not only enhances the well-being of individuals operating machinery currently powered by fossil fuels, but also benefits nearby communities affected by large-scale industrial operations, such as trucking and ports, or in densely populated urban areas where the use of fuel cell vehicles and equipment rather than diesel has a direct impact on improved air quality. By designing and building fuel cell products and helping integrate them into heavy-duty applications, we are part of the push to innovate and move the world to a cleaner, greener, better future.    

If interested in learning more about our European operations and discovering how Nuvera can assist you in achieving your sustainability goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our local teams.