Have you found yourself wondering how to better understand comparisons between battery- and fuel cell-powered cars? It starts by avoiding a common mistake, the generalization that pits ‘hydrogen cars’ against ‘electric cars.’ In fact, hydrogen-powered cars ARE electric cars. Electric vehicles (EVs) can be fueled either by a battery (making it a battery electric vehicle: BEV), or a hydrogen fuel cell (making it a fuel cell electric vehicle: FCEV). In both cases, the car is an electric car.

The Hyundai Tucson is an example of a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle – and the affordability with which they are coming to market. To further gain better insight into comparisons of the technologies by which electric cars are powered, Mike O’Brien, VP of Hyundai corporate and product planning, suggests it is about understanding which technology can “satisfy the wide-ranging expectations…to ensure [a] consumer can find the right low-carbon vehicle solution for their needs, without compromises to their lifestyle or driving behavior.”


To that end, industry expert John Voelker, editor of Green Car Reports, recently posted 10 questions to fuel cell electric vehicle automotive manufacturers. As a passionate leader in fuel cell vehicles, Hyundai has provided insightful and well-referenced answers to these questions – questions you may have been looking to get the facts on!


Hyundai’s response (including industry, government and research references)
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