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Fuel Cell Power
for Material Handling

Constant Power + Fast Refueling = Higher Productivity

Nuvera® fuel cell power systems are designed for reliability, performance and efficiency.





Fuel cells can be refueled as quickly as three minutes. When it comes to multi-shift operations with two or more battery replacements per day, the quick refueling of hydrogen fuel cells offers substantial productivity benefits over lead acid battery changing and charging.



Fuel cell systems are a safer alternative to lead acid batteries and internal combustion engines. Once installed, fuel cell power systems remain in the vehicle — no battery changing, no sulfur or hydrogen off-gassing, and zero emissions — all supporting a healthier workplace.



Removing lead acid battery chargers, changing stations, and washing facilities can help reclaim significant square footage inside your facility. Fuel cells also allow you to reassess electrical capacity, waste management, venting equipment needs, workflow, logistics, and other operational requirements.



Fuel cells reduce fleet energy use compared with lead acid batteries and internal combustion engines and afford significant greenhouse gas reductions. Fuel cells eliminate the emissions of diesel and propane trucks, and the off-gassing of sulfur and hydrogen associated with lead acid batteries.

Changing the Lift Truck Business

As a subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Group (HYG), Nuvera brings power alternatives for lift trucks to a global provider of materials handling equipment - and the capability to repower competitor forklifts as well.

– Power systems designed by Nuvera with the direct involvement of HYG forklift engineers for validation in demanding material handling environments

 A range of hydrogen supply options are available to match the specific needs of fuel cell-powered fleets

 Flexible financing products from Hyster Capital and Yale Financial Services

 Sales, service and parts from a global dealer network

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Performance and Efficiency

They start at the core of our motive power systems: The proprietary Nuvera® fuel cell stack.
Unique benefits include:

• Uncoated metal bipolar plates, providing superior resistance to shock and vibration

• Increased efficiency and power density from open flow field design

• Application-flexible architecture for cost-effective design and rebuilds

Learn more about Nuvera’s power alternative for electric lift trucks.
Learn more about the fuel cell stack at the core of our motive power solutions.

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