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    Install Quickly

    Drop-in power alternative with standard lead acid battery connections for a variety of electric forklift makes and models.

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    Replace Resource-Intensive Battery Infrastructure

    The Nuvera® fuel cell system remains in the truck — it gets fueled, not changed or recharged. That equals a lot of time saved!

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    Take Advantage of High Power Density

    Patented stack architecture, for optimized fuel reactions, increases electrical output and fuel efficiency.

  • Products_PE-C-D-Series_HMI.jpg

    Refuel at Any Opportunity

    The fuel indicator allows operators to take best advantage of "opportunity refueling," since Nuvera® fuel cell systems can be filled or just topped off whenever it is most convenient. That flexibility helps avoid potential bottlenecks.

  • Products_PE-C-D-Series_EHS-Sustainability.jpg

    Provide Operator Comfort, While Supporting Global Corporate Responsibility

    Fewer handling concerns, no off-gassing, no toxic emissions, plus reductions in energy use and carbon footprint — based on fuel cycle comparisons with other forklift power alternatives.

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    Optimize Truck Performance and Handling

    Consistent power throughout the day, with no voltage decay, means steady truck performance and less wear on truck electronics. 

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