In 2009, 400 journalists from over 42 countries reported with excitement on the Gold and Silver SIMA Innovation awards for a hydrogen-powered tractor debut. Since then, the zero-emissions NH2 tractor by the agricultural equipment manufacturer, New Holland, has generated tremendous interest in sustainable farming with practical trials at New Holland’s energy independent farm in Venaria, Italy. The energy independent farm and tractor concept have now earned a place among the top projects of the Industry 2015 Program: New Technologies for Made in Italy.

The NH2 Tractor is powered by Nuvera fuel cell technology and is a key element in New Holland’s Energy Independent Farm concept. It is the first tractor in the world to be powered by hydrogen. A perfect fit for harnessing renewable bio methane sources or other renewable sources stored as hydrogen.

Enabling hydrogen is the key. Unlike other farms using renewable energy sources, New Holland’s independent farm is not forced to sell energy back to the grid. Rather, it uses compressed hydrogen to store energy for use when needed to power farm machinery, generators, electrical and heating systems. The NH2 project has yielded exciting results over the past five years: Energy, economic and environmental impacts that meet full compliance with EU targets for renewable energy.

Watch New Holland’s NH2 Tractor in action