With all the news on climate change just this month – G7 agreement to decarbonization, Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change, and a multi-country effort for post-2020 climate action – it’s time to understand the world of climate data.

There’s a tool for that! Discover the Climate Analysis Indicator Tool (CAIT), a fascinating set of interactive graphics developed by a trusted source for climate data, the World Resources Institute. Start exploring today, by finding out whatyour country’s emissions look like!

And, while you’re exploring, fuel cells and hydrogen are playing a “vital role in diversifying America’s clean energy supply”[1] and “providing a pathway to renewable technologies.”[2] Supporting this role, Nuvera offers solutions across the entire hydrogen value chain – generation, compression, storage, dispensing and use – for industrial mobility, transportation, and industrial gas applications. And, that’s some good news on ways to address climate change.



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