This year’s leading themes at Germany’s influential innovation and technology trade fair focus on topics in Green Tech, Mobility and Energy that are of pivotal importance now.

Presenting at the busy “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries” group exhibit featured at Hannover Messe, Nuvera asks, “Why shouldn’t hydrogen be a utility, just like electricity?” In fact, Nuvera is making it available as such today. Because hydrogen is such a superlative energy carrier, especially for transportation applications, the more pertinent question for competitive industries is this: “Are you hydrogen-ready?”

For virtually any use of hydrogen, Nuvera is enabling a cost-effective solution for a scale-of-use of approximately 25-150 kg/day with on-site hydrogen generation.

Nuvera’s hydrogen generator, generates hydrogen on-site from any facility’s existing natural gas and city water connection for an uninterrupted flow of 99.995% pure hydrogen — an