As part of a large global company with corporate responsibility objectives focused on long-term growth, Nuvera is among the companies developing environmentally and financially sustainable motive power solutions. Our commitment to corporate responsibility plays a key role in the Hyster-Yale Group ‘2026 Vision’ initiative to minimize environmental impacts and conserve natural resources.


In the newly released 2017 Hyster-Yale Group Corporate Responsibility Report, President and CEO Colin Wilson states the importance of Nuvera as part of significant technology investment aimed at helping customers reduce emissions and support healthy communities and working environments. “[The] acquisition [of Nuvera] was driven by our view that having fuel-cell power options, specifically for industrial mobility markets, would allow us to further differentiate our product offerings by providing an additional clean-energy alternative as part of our portfolio. As a developer of zero-emissions power solutions, Nuvera Fuel Cells is in a position to enable our customers to achieve significant carbon reduction goals.”

Together with the Hyster-Yale Group, Nuvera is focused on providing innovative solutions and product offerings that enable more efficient and sustainable operations, helping reduce environmental impacts and drive increased profitability for our customers.

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