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Modernizing Bus Fleets

Fuel cell buses have accelerated the movement toward cleaner, more efficient transportation around the globe. Many shuttle and transit buses travel routes that make them ideal candidates for fuel cell propulsion. Buses often operate in congested areas where air quality is a problem.

Compared with traditional diesel or natural gas buses, fuel cell-powered buses deliver substantial economic, operational, and environmental benefits, including:

  • Zero tailpipe emissions, except for water vapor
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced ambient noise for neighborhoods
  • Rapid refueling in 6 to 10 minutes
  • 300 to 350 miles on a single fill

Compared with battery-powered buses, fuel cell buses provide a significant weight reduction. And because fuel cell buses have the range required to handle all routes, they generally provide a one-to-one replacement of conventional buses.

Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Unfettered Freight: Emission-Free Trucking and Deliveries

Quiet operation and zero emissions from medium- and heavy-duty trucks and from on-board auxiliary power units mean that delivery and work trucks will be able to operate at any time of day, without creating noise in the neighborhoods they serve or adversely affecting air quality.

The rise of e-commerce has resulted in a massive number of delivery vehicles on our roads for goods distribution. Organizations responsible for these fleets are implementing zero-emission transportation solutions – by choice or by mandate. For many commercial uses, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells may be the only viable solution to help businesses meet both sustainability and operational objectives.

Understanding the role that business supply chains play in impacting air quality is leading more companies to publicly declare their commitments to reduce transportation emissions from freight operations, establish aggressive zero-emission goals, and decarbonize their transportation networks.

Fuel cell vehicles will play a major role in these initiatives. There is growing consensus that it will be impossible to meet the emissions targets that countries and corporations around the world are establishing without the transition from diesel and other carbon-based fuels to renewably generated hydrogen.

Nuvera’s E-Series Fuel Cell Engine provides OEMs and system integrators with a power source that is practical to own and operate, easy to maintain, in production at scale for fleets, and delivering the power needed to get shipments to their final destination.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) afford long travel range and fast refueling, without the compromise required by battery vehicle range limitations and charging times. Light, medium, and heavy-duty FCVs can all be powered by Nuvera® fuel cell engines, and hydrogen can be used for any type of goods movement platform, including delivery vans, long-haul trucks, forklifts and yard hustlers. Properly integrated, FCV performance is unaffected in cold environments, and payload capacity is comparable to gasoline and diesel vehicles.

  • Like electricity, hydrogen can be produced renewably:
  • Fuel cell vehicles have greater range than pure battery vehicles
  • Unaffected performance in cold temperatures/environments
  • Payload capacity comparable to gasoline and diesel vehicles
  • Work with Nuvera to execute your organization’s goals for a clean freight future.

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