The Biden administration’s Justice40 Initiative sets the goal that 40 percent of clean transportation, climate change, workforce development and other federal investments be used to benefit disadvantaged communities. The transition to hydrogen will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in the areas adjacent to industrial sites, along highways, and in urban areas often classified as economically and environmentally disadvantaged.

Nuvera’s involvement in manufacturing hydrogen fuel cells is rooted in environmentally sound practices that benefit our employees, local communities, and populations further afield. We are aligned with local workforce development agencies and educational institutions, as well as organizations helping residents of communities elsewhere that bear the health and environmental burdens of poor air quality caused by fossil fuel combustion.

Nuvera’s goals for corporate social responsibility and alignment with the Justice40 initiative have three main areas of focus: diversity, equity and inclusion, quality jobs and workforce development, and community engagement.

Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Nuvera, with the support of our parent company Hyster-Yale Group, is committed to an inclusive work environment to encourage and cultivate diversity of thought and ideas. Focusing on the recruitment and retention of diverse talent helps us to create a stronger and more inclusive workplace.

Nuvera employees benefit from multiple resource groups, including a women’s network, veteran’s group, and a ‘Green Team’ focused on sustainability and environmental justice. These resources offer an opportunity for employees to foster a sense of community on the job and contribute to the promotion of inclusive and equitable practices both professionally and personally.

Operating in diverse global markets provides us with the unique advantage of encountering a wide range of cultures and perspectives. This exposure enriches our daily work, offering a broader and more informed perspective that significantly influences our endeavors.

Expanding the Clean Technology Workforce

Since establishing our global headquarters in the greater Boston area more than 20 years ago, Nuvera has helped accelerate the expansion of a clean technology workforce in Massachusetts both at our company and industrywide. Located in the town of Billerica, Nuvera’s facility has room to expand manufacturing capabilities as demand for our products grows.

We have access to a skilled workforce, especially in technology areas like engineering and manufacturing, supported by talent coming from local colleges and universities. Billerica’s proximity to major roadways enables our employees to travel here either by public transit, rideshare services, or private vehicles – and we have free on-site EV charging. We also benefit from a supportive municipal government that welcomes the growth of the clean energy industry.

Developing a Skilled Workforce Pipeline

Nuvera has established a multi-disciplined co-op program, partnering with local schools to host as many as 11 students every six-month session. Nuvera’s home in northeastern Massachusetts is a region that historically has been a center of industrial and manufacturing activity and includes multiple federally recognized disadvantaged community tracts. We’re committed to eliminating barriers that students from these historically underserved populations face when pursuing professional development opportunities. The program has provided a pipeline to entry talent: Nuvera has hired 12 co-op students as full-time employees since 2014.

Serving the Local Community

Nuvera employees have undertaken community service projects in Billerica such as road, park, and school clean-up and tree-planting projects. As a clean energy company dedicated to emissions reduction and decarbonization, sustainability and environmental stewardship are the guiding priorities for Nuvera’s community engagement efforts.

Nuvera has participated in numerous other community projects in Billerica. We have organized employee-driven charitable initiatives, including three annual drives that benefit Toys for Tots and food banks operated by Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Open Pantry Greater Lowell in Lowell, Massachusetts. Nuvera has supported A Better Chance (ABC) in Winchester, Massachusetts, one of 21 ABC community school programs nationwide that provides academically talented students of color with expanded educational and career opportunities. 

Engaging with Clean Energy Organizations

Nuvera is actively involved with numerous local and national organizations that focus on deploying hydrogen solutions for cleaner, more sustainable communities and expanding access to clean transportation for underserved populations.

Massachusetts Zero-Emission Vehicle Commission

Nuvera is a member of the Massachusetts Zero-Emissions Vehicle Commission, a cross-section of stakeholders that recommends policies to expand access to electric and fuel cell vehicle infrastructure and encourage the adoption of these vehicles. It increasingly focuses on the adoption of fuel cell vehicles for medium- and heavy-duty transportation to bring the benefits of hydrogen technologies to disadvantaged communities.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Nuvera has worked with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Massport, which administers the Port of Boston as well as Logan Airport, for a Massachusetts-based ports project. The decarbonization of major transportation infrastructure residing in disadvantaged communities surrounding the shipping port and airport will work to mitigate short- and long-term negative impacts on environmental quality and public health. 

Center for Transportation and the Environment

 Since 2018 Nuvera has been a member of the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), an organization deeply engaged in the deployment of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling infrastructure across the US, including a project funded by the California Air Resources Board to develop and deploy the world’s first fuel cell top loading container handler powered by Nuvera fuel cell engines. CTE advocates for the adoption of fuel cell electric buses, which provide lower income residents with access to clean transit services.

Helping Communities Near and Far

We are fortunate to be headquartered in the Town of Billerica, Massachusetts, a vibrant municipality in the greater Boston area rich in industrial commerce, manufacturing enterprises, and active community engagement from both residents and businesses. Billerica’s municipal government welcomes the growth of the clean energy industry that companies like Nuvera represent, and officials in the fire and building departments are accessible and responsive. Nearby vocational schools, a community college, and universities afford us access to a skilled workforce. Check out the monthly newsletter, Billerica – The Place to Be, for an interview with Nuvera in the December 2023 issue.

Nuvera’s commitment to positive impact spans every area of our business, from growth and community engagement efforts and to hiring activities and company policies. Through intentional action around diversity, equity, and inclusion, community involvement, and affiliation with local and national organizations, Nuvera hopes to benefit communities on both a small and large scale and help move the world to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Nuvera’s hydrogen solutions are helping to decarbonize industries that impact our most vulnerable populations. Improved air quality created by hydrogen fuel cells provides benefits to all for generations to come.