Nuvera was a proud sponsor and participant in H2 View’s recent Mobility Pillar Special, and our CEO Lucien Robroek was the featured speaker at the March 12 event. “Hydrogen power delivered to vehicles via fuel cell engines is key to achieving a net-zero carbon transportation future, so this topic is a great fit for us,” Lucien said afterwards.

“Mobility is a critical strand of the clean energy transition, with a lot of positive mileage for hydrogen,” as H2 View’s Managing Editor Rob Cockerill, put it. “And we are not just talking about covering distance over land. With hydrogen mobility we are also talking about transport by river, oceans, and air.

“Right now is most definitely the decade of the fuel cell.”

We couldn’t agree more. As a major provider of fuel cell solutions for motive applications for more than two decades, Nuvera is at the center of the transition to a hydrogen-powered future that is coming fast. Nuvera provides both products and applications support to developers around the globe to tackle a growing number of e-mobility opportunities, and to help OEMs get fuel cell vehicles to market fast with fuel cell engines designed for ease of integration.

Nuvera teams with the OEMs and system integrators to bring zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to fleet operators and other customers, providing solutions for buses, on- and off-road trucks, and trains, in addition to ground support vehicles at airports, container handlers, terminal tractors, and marine vessels at shipping ports. The range of viable applications for fuel cell engines in every mobility sector is vast.

Now there is also unprecedented public and private investment in hydrogen production and infrastructure to support the fuel cell vehicle deployments burgeoning around the world. Such rapid progress is driven in part by government policies and mandates, and in part by both public opinion and financial institutional pressure for practical clean transportation solutions. On Earth Day (April 22, 2021), the Biden administration announced it is setting a target to cut US carbon emissions in half by 2030 – a goal that doubles the country’s commitment at the Paris Climate Agreement. Investment firms like BlackRock are making it clear that the days when achieving economic growth at the expense of climate security, ecological balance, and environmental justice are gone.

As part of the Hyster-Yale Group, Nuvera offers a full-service motive fuel cell power model, built-in part on our experience powering HYG’s industrial trucks like forklifts and container handlers by hydrogen, as well as on the bedrock of HYG’s aftermarket parts and service support.

Nuvera’s newly commissioned Engine Test Module (ETM) near Milan, Italy can operate up to eight fuel cell engines simultaneously, 24/7, in any duty cycle. This pre-deployment testing capability provides vital information about how to optimize the powertrain configuration for individual applications, prior to integration and operation in service. Besides assessing the cost and performance trade-offs associated with the selection of a Nuvera fuel cell engine model, energy storage capacity, and other key components, application assessments are essential for accurately predicting fuel cell vehicle reliability and durability in specific use cases. The level of analysis, modeling, and testing that comes with the expertise of our Applications Development Team are a highly effective means for getting Nuvera-powered fuel cell vehicles on the road as quickly as possible, and most importantly, for ensuring our customers’ success.

Hydrogen power for emissions-free transportation is here. Whether to meet regulatory mandates or to address policy objectives in Europe, the Americas, or the Asia-Pacific region, there is a broadening global demand for the use of hydrogen fuel for the most challenging motive power demands. As Lucien Robroek put it, “hydrogen is unstoppable now, and is the best solution to get emission-free vehicles everywhere they are needed.”

Nuvera is proud to both lead the discussion around hydrogen for mobility ̶ especially for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles ̶ and to enable it by providing exceptional fuel cell products and support to meet the transportation needs of today and the future.


Nuvera is here to answer your questions about hydrogen power for motive applications and the use of fuel cell engines at scale. Watch the entire H2 View webinar here:

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