PRESS RELEASE: Billerica, Mass. – This spring, Nuvera is being featured in an unusual film. On March 18, 2015, Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc. used its PowerTap® on-site hydrogen generation and dispensing equipment in support of Toyota’s “Fueled by Everything” video campaign that debuted in April. The first film in the campaign’s series introduces the audience to cows – and how cow manure can be used as a source for renewable natural gas in the production of hydrogen. Nuvera was selected by Toyota for its ability to reform biogas into hydrogen, which was then used to fuel its new Mirai fuel cell sedan.

The PowerTap on-site hydrogen generator uses a process called steam methane reforming (SMR) to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen is an energy carrier used in fuel cells to provide electric power. Hydrogen fuel cells are making an impact in a variety of markets such as residential and commercial power, industrial mobility, and transportation. Several automakers are introducing fuel cell electric vehicles to the U.S. market. Why hydrogen? It enables zero-emissions vehicles to have far greater driving range than most battery electric cars, and fuel cell cars can be refueled in just minutes. Like electricity, hydrogen can be made from many feedstocks, including renewable ones like biogas captured from cow manure.

The film, directed by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), demonstrates how hydrogen can be part of a zero net carbon fuel cycle. The CO2 released by the biogas reforming process is offset by CO2 absorbed by the organisms used to create it. This clean energy pathway was recognized in the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent expansion of its Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Pathways Rule to include hydrogen from biogas for fuel cell electric vehicles. “Moving forward,” says Scott Blanchet, VP of Product Management for Nuvera and one of the film’s lead characters, “this demonstration shows the pathway that Nuvera products provide for the broad adoption of renewable energy sources.”

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