Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC announces the sale of two Nuvera® E-60 Fuel Cell Engines to Nexus Energy, a sustainable innovation company based in the Netherlands that is developing modular zero emission solutions for maritime and on-shore applications. Nexus Energy will use the 60 kW hydrogen fuel cell engines in the development of a common modular powerpack for maritime and on-shore use, for both stationary and heavy-duty applications.

Nuvera maritime

“Fuel cells are a very attractive solution for the maritime sector, which is especially difficult to decarbonize,” said Santiago Bresani, Nuvera’s sales and business development leader in Europe. “Used by fuel cells to produce electricity, hydrogen provides a clean alternative to gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines and can provide either primary propulsion or auxiliary power to vessels of any class – large or small, commercial or recreational.”

Nexus Energy

Fuel cells for maritime applications is emerging as a sensible option as the industry transitions to zero-emissions operation. “The use of hydrogen fuel cells eliminates exhaust pollution and reduces vibration, noise, and environmental costs associated with diesel-powered vessels,” said Wouter Guijt, co-founder of Nexus Energy. “In many applications, battery electric boats are not suited to the operational profile and range requirements or charging options are not available. We’re excited to be teaming with Nuvera to bring the operational and commercial benefits of high-performance fuel cell technology to the maritime and heavy duty sector.”

Nexus PowerPack

Nuvera fuel cell engines help maritime vessel and equipment manufacturers to comply with tightening emissions regulations and mandates and remain economically competitive by providing high-performance zero-emission power solutions fueled by clean hydrogen. The International Maritime Organization is targeting a 50% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Many governments and maritime industry players believe 100% is the appropriate goal.