PRESS RELEASE: Milan, Italy and Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 28 — Demonstration confirms OEM’s commitment to pursue hydrogen-powered fuel cell fleet for on-road applications. 

Nuvera Fuel Cells today announced its automotive fuel cell stack technology was integrated into 2 vehicles by Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) and demonstrated by FIAT Auto during a recent presentation of the OEM’s fuel cell vehicle prototypes in Milan, Italy. The advanced concept cars, presented by Nevio Di Giusto, Vice President of Product Development for FIAT, included a prototype of the FIAT® Seicento employing a 40 kW Nuvera fuel cell stack, as well as a prototype of FIAT’s next-generation fuel cell vehicle, the Panda Hydrogen, which featured an advanced Nuvera Andromeda™ fuel cell stack concept.

The demonstration, which concluded with a “ride and drive” of the fuel cell FIAT Seicento, confirms FIAT’s commitment to pursue the development of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. Local government officials attending the event included the Honorable Roberto Formigioni, President of the Lombardy Region, the Honorable Altero Matteoli, Minister of the Environment, and Dr. Gabriele Albertini, Mayor of Milan. This announcement follows an earlier sale of 9 Nuvera PEM stacks to CRF that were designed for urban applications such as city vehicles.

“We continue to work closely with our automotive partners to advance the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles” said Bill Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing at Nuvera Fuel Cells. “Our metallic bi-polar stacks continue to prove highly effective in meeting the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, making them one of the most reliable, compact, and easiest fuel cell technologies to integrate in a vehicle today.”


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