BILLERICA, Mass., July 12, 2022Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC has provided its E-60 hydrogen fuel cell engine to power a nine meter electric bus (e-Bus) in northeast India. The tourist bus is part of a regional initiative to implement a range of hydrogen mobility solutions.

Oil India Limited (OIL) recently signed an agreement with Ohm Cleantech Private Ltd., a sister company of h2e Power Systems Private Ltd., to design, integrate and develop a nine-meter hydrogen fuel cell-powered e-Bus with support from the Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati.

According to the chief managing director of OIL, Sushil Chandra Mishra, the hydrocarbon explorer and producer is dedicated to developing groundbreaking and creative renewable energy technology solutions. OIL has already commenced hydrogen generating and natural gas blending trials. The company believes that operating the fuel cell e-Bus and other hydrogen initiatives will accelerate India’s efforts to build a sustainable hydrogen economy.

“India has begun to embrace the power of hydrogen as a clean energy solution. We look forward to seeing this initiative take shape and to being part of India’s journey to a hydrogen economy,” said Kedar Murthy, chief commercial officer at Nuvera. “Nuvera’s products are the right choice for hydrogen transportation and mobility solutions in India. We have high efficiency fuel cell engines available to ship today and offer robust integration support to help OIL reach their ambitions to provide viable zero-emissions alternatives.”

Nuvera has previously provided fuel cell engines for powering fuel cell buses, mostly recently a 10.5 m bus in China that has been certified for on-road use by the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center. Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen fuel into electricity with no exhaust other than water. Hybridized with batteries, the OIL e-Bus will be capable of being quickly refueled and will save fuel by recouping energy from braking.

As cities around the globe implement clean transportation policies to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse emissions and improve energy efficiency, hydrogen fuel cells provide a practical progression beyond vehicles powered by diesel internal combustion engines used in heavy transport.


Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC is a manufacturer of heavy-duty, zero-emission engines for mobility applications. With teams located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Nuvera provides clean, safe, and efficient products designed to meet the rigorous needs of industrial vehicles and other transportation markets. Nuvera is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts.

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