Non-road mobile machinery operators are facing significant emission reduction mandates, especially in heavily populated environments. Finding the right solution for specific uses requires evaluation of new propulsion technologies that match equipment operational requirements, identification of the most promising options for the application, meeting code requirements, pilot testing, and ultimately adoption of the most viable emission-free solutions. Starting from scratch, this process can involve several years of planning and development by equipment manufacturers.

A transition to clean power systems that meets not just value, innovation and performance needs of the application, but also maps to the specific performance requirements of non-road vehicles and equipment, is key to successful adoption of the right technology.


Due to their ability to power heavy industrial equipment, overall reliability, and proven success in off-road vehicle deployments, hydrogen fuel cells are a central part of the clean energy conversation. For certain applications, fuel cells may provide the only practical zero-emission solution.

Pre-configured Nuvera® fuel cell engines can significantly shorten the design and integration time required for OEMs to develop and validate fuel cell technology in non-road machinery. To meet the requirements of specific use cases, applications can be assessed to determine the most cost-effective balance of fuel cell engine size, battery capacity, and hydrogen energy storage. To demonstrate maximum reliability, Nuvera fuel cell engines can be tested in specific duty cycles and environmental conditions at Nuvera’s dedicated Fuel Cell Engine Test Module in Osio, Italy.

OEMs and powertrain integrators must consider critical factors such as:

  • Reliability and keeping equipment operational, day after day
  • Durability and cost of ownership over the life of the equipment
  • Durability and the need to drive for lower cost operation
  • Powertrain integration and the ability to quickly move vehicles from concept to production
  • The need for low-cost / high-volume manufacturing capability
  • Quality assurance

With our E-Series Fuel Cell Engines, Nuvera’s next generation of modular fuel cell systems provide clean energy solutions for port equipment, construction and agricultural machinery, and similar applications that call for high-performance industrial solutions.

Nuvera is able to address OEM considerations due to several innovative elements that set us apart:

  • We are able to harness the power of fuel cells, with 20+ years of motive power experience
  • There are unique fuel cell technology and controls embedded into Nuvera fuel cell engines
  • We provide automated manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Our team has deep expertise in applications assessment, analysis, and integration support
  • We help OEMs understand the total cost of ownership

The clock is ticking for machinery fleet owners and operators to demonstrate compliance with tightening regulations. The EU has just unveiled legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent over the next decade. Similar directives are being adopted in industrialized nations around the world that will affect how non-road machinery in every sector will be powered.

Hydrogen may be the only viable alternative to diesel for many industrial applications, and highly efficient and reliable Nuvera® Fuel Cell Engines can make its cost-effective use a reality. These products are in stock and available today. Contact us to expedite your journey to zero-emission fuel cell performance!