India has set its sights on becoming energy independent by 2047 and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2070. To meet this objective, the government has established the National Green Hydrogen Mission, an initiative focused on the potential of hydrogen to increase renewable energy use across all economic spheres and enable the country’s net zero transition.

In January 2023, the Indian government approved US$2.3 billion to the support production, use and export of green hydrogen, aiming to make India a global hub for the hydrogen industry. The funding is intended to be a first step toward establishing the capacity to make at least five million metric tons of green hydrogen annually by the end of this decade. Other goals include creating more than half a million new jobs, attracting more private investment to the sector, and reducing fossil fuel imports.

A major emitter of greenhouse gases, India has established a series of targets that involve embracing hydrogen as a key piece of its green energy policy. India’s top refiner, Indian Oil Corporation, has announced plans for a major green hydrogen project. To build out hydrogen-powered shipping lines, India has set a goal for its largest maritime fleet operator, the state-run Shipping Corporation of India, to retrofit at least two ships to run on green hydrogen-based fuels by 2027. All the state-run oil and gas companies that charter 40 vessels for fuel transport will also have to hire at least one ship powered by green hydrogen each year from 2027 to 2030.

Last month, India Energy Week convened more than 500 international speakers, more than 30,000 energy professionals and 8,000 international delegates from more than 100 countries in Bengaluru to discuss India’s innovative approach towards diversifying its energy mix.

“As India emerges as the epicenter of the global energy landscape and the energy sector represents one of the most critical components of India’s growth, the success of India Energy Week 2023 has showcased India’s achievement as a catalyst for global economic growth with billions of dollars of investment needed to facilitate India’s energy transition and achieve its net-zero goals,” states the conference website.

With India now working intently toward reducing emissions, making hydrogen affordable and becoming a major hub for the industry, Nuvera is well-positioned to partner with businesses and other stakeholders across the hydrogen value chain at the forefront of this transformation.

A zero-emission EKA Mobility Bus took to the road just before India Energy Week, and a Nuvera® E-60 Fuel Cell Engine integrated into the vehicle’s drivetrain is now being commissioned. You can see a clip of the e-Bus in action here, at the 2:20 and 8:22 marks, being waved on by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bengaluru. More details about the nine-meter fuel cell electric bus were provided in our announcement last year.

The EKA tourist bus is part of a regional initiative to implement a range of hydrogen mobility solutions, resulting from Oil India Limited (OIL)’s agreement with Ohm Cleantech Private Ltd., a sister company of h2e Power Systems Private Ltd., to design, integrate and develop the nine-meter hydrogen fuel cell-powered e-Bus with support from the Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati.

According to the chief managing director of OIL, Sushil Chandra Mishra, the company is developing groundbreaking and creative renewable energy technology solutions. OIL has already commenced hydrogen generating and natural gas blending trials. OIL believes that the fuel cell e-Bus and other hydrogen initiatives will accelerate India’s efforts to build a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Nuvera’s commitment to providing cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology makes us an ideal mobility solutions provider in India. We have high efficiency fuel cell engines available to ship today and offer robust integration support to help the country reach its ambitions to adopt viable zero-emission alternatives.

As India accelerates its shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, Nuvera is proud to offer our expertise in hydrogen fuel cell solutions for innovative transportation initiatives. We look forward to seeing the e-Bus initiative take shape and to being part of India’s journey to a hydrogen economy.