October 8, chosen in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008), is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day! On such an elemental day, engaged people are sharing their knowledge about hydrogen and fuel cells with friends and colleagues, and you can join in

via the social media Thunderclap. America plays a significant role in this robust global industry, delivering proven technology that provides sustainable transportation, improved business operations, and resilient power.

Here are 10 elemental ways Nuvera has supported the hydrogen revolution, from the world’s first clean energy using gasoline, to the new Toyota Mirai being fueled by cow manure:

  1. Generation of hydrogen from gasoline and other hydrocarbons. After conducting the world’s first gas powered fuel cell demonstration in 1997, Arthur D. Little merges its industry-leading Epyx fuel processing business with De Nora Fuel Cells to form Nuvera Fuel Cells (2000).
    Learn about a significant milestone for fuel cells, and the international merger in which Nuvera is rooted


  2. Railways. First ever trials of fuel cell rail car in Japan are supported by Nuvera technology, the Forza™ PEM fuel cell (2004).
    Learn how these successful tests supported the introduction of fuel cell systems into railway operations


  3. Heat & Power. Japan Gas Association selects Nuvera’s Avanti ™ fuel cell power module to deploy integrated combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell system (2004).
    Read more about Nuvera’s part supporting the Japanese government’s prestigious Millennium Program


  4. Lift Truck Power. East Penn Manufacturing installs Nuvera’s first PowerTap® On-Site Hydrogen Generator to power a fleet of fuel cell-powered forklift trucks (2006).
    Read more about this alternative energy first


  5. Fueling. The first hydrogen fueling station in Massachusetts (2008).
    Getting pumped


  6. Farming. Case New Holland introduces world’s first hydrogen-powered tractor, using Nuvera fuel cell technology to enable award-winning energy independent farm project (2009).
    Discover details and link to video
  7. Distribution. Commercial grocer H-E-B deploys a new edge in fuel cell power systems with a Total Power Solution™ from Nuvera – after the successful conclusion of a joint development agreement between Nuvera and East Penn Manufacturing – when PowerEdge® is born (2009).
    Get report on outcomes achieved at HEB during first commercial PowerEdge deployment


  8. Maritime. Fincantieri commissions Nuvera to produce and deliver Orion® fuel cell stacks for use as range extenders on marine vessels (2013).
    Read full details at Bloomberg Business
  9. Materials Handling. Big news in the hydrogen and materials handling industry: Acquisition of Nuvera by NACCO Materials Handling Group, signals the importance of fuel cell power and hydrogen supply solutions to further leverage the productivity of electric vehicles and expand sustainable power options (2014).
    Read the press release
  10. Biofuel. Toyota’s fuel cell Mirai fueled by BS – demonstration of a possible bovine renewable energy future enabled by the steam methane reformation technology of Nuvera’s PowerTap® generator (2015).
    Watch happy cows and cool technology in action on YouTube!

Learn more about National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day at http://hydrogenfuelcellday.org/

See more about Nuvera’s experience, history and milestones at http://www.nuvera.com/experience