Momentum for the Hydrogen Revolution: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, passed and signed into law in August by President Joe Biden, represents the largest climate investment in U.S. history – and likely a momentous acceleration of hydrogen and fuel cell adoption.

There is growing consensus that hydrogen will play a critical role in addressing some of the most intractable clean energy challenges of our time. As a provider of hydrogen fuel cell technology, Nuvera believes that the IRA has the potential to position the US as the leader of the clean energy revolution.

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Nuvera Powers Fuel Cell Shipping Container Handler at the Port of Los Angeles

Billerica, Mass., November 08, 2022 — Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, is powering a Hyster® top-pick container handler with two E-45 fuel cell engines at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) in Long Beach, California. The zero-emissions container handler is being operated at Fenix Marine Services, a terminal operator owned by the CMA CGM Group.

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Making Things Better: Making a Difference by Making Better Things

Meet Nuvera’s director of marketing and corporate development, Gus Block. Gus is engaged in global marketing, new business development, government affairs, and strategic planning initiatives that help drive positive outcomes for Nuvera, its industry partners, and society at large. As you’ll discover, he is also a lifelong thing-maker.

In 2022 Gus was named to the Environment+Energy Leader 100, an annual list that recognizes the environment and energy “doers” who craft new solutions, programs, platforms, best practices and products. Gus is among the Nuvera founding members that are still with the company 22 years later, and has had a variety of roles including systems engineering, product development, project management, and industry advocacy.

We asked Gus about his current focus at Nuvera, his views on fuel cell industry trends, and the activities he enjoys pursuing (besides being a card-carrying hydrogen revolutionary).

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Nuvera Celebrates Fuel Cell Engine Achievements on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

Billerica, Massachusetts – October 5, 2022 – Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, joins the industry in celebrating the 8th Annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to raise awareness of the benefits hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies provide in reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and driving economic growth. Nuvera is celebrating a year of both new and continued relationships and growing adoption of its hydrogen solutions for commercial vehicles and equipment.


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Nuvera Announces Fuel Cell Engine Order from European Marine Systems Integrator

Companies Will Jointly Explore Zero-Emission Options for Marine Applications

Billerica, Mass., October 03, 2022 — Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Italy-based system integrator H2Boat, which is developing a zero-emission energy solution for marine applications. As part of the project, Nuvera will supply an E-45 fuel cell engine to H2Boat for marine type approval certification, and subsequently for integration in H2Boat’s forthcoming HP Energy Pack (P>40kW). H2Boat anticipates using Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines to expand its marine product line.


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Upward Mobility: The Continuous Evolution of Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines

Matt Weig is the platform leader for the Nuvera E-Series Fuel Cell Engine flagship product line. Matt brings more than two decades of manufacturing engineering, product development, and business experience to the company, which he joined in 2017. We asked Matt to describe how his team engages in the process of continuous improvement for Nuvera’s fuel cell power systems for medium- and heavy-duty transportation and industrial applications.


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Diving Deep with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pioneer: The Nuvera Co-Op Program

We are at a major turning point in the global clean energy transformation. With the passage of recent landmark legislation, the US is poised to embark on its most ambitious program to date to decarbonize the economy. This makes it more important than ever to cultivate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and other leaders in the hydrogen energy field. To provide students with direct industry knowledge and experience as they prepare to enter the workforce, Nuvera administers a highly structured co-op program that affords a deep dive into advanced clean transportation technology fields, and also provides opportunities for students to pursue their individual interests and direct their own hands-on education.

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Best Practices in Fuel Cell System Design

With more than 25 years’ experience designing and validating fuel cell systems for myriad real-world applications, and now on its eighth generation of fuel cell stack architecture, Nuvera’s engineering team is sharing much of what it has learned about best practices in fuel cell system design. This paper draws on lessons learned over the years and questions that arise frequently with our customers and partners.

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Nuvera to Power Fuel Cell Electric Bus in Northeast India

BILLERICA, Mass., July 12, 2022Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC has provided its E-60 hydrogen fuel cell engine to power a nine meter electric bus (e-Bus) in northeast India. The tourist bus is part of a regional initiative to implement a range of hydrogen mobility solutions.

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Nuvera CEO Takes Center Stage at World Hydrogen Summit

Port and maritime applications are in the vanguard as drivers for accelerating hydrogen adoption. Container handling and other diesel equipment used around the clock at shipping ports are a source of significant local air pollution and greenhouse gases, compounded by emissions from heavy-duty trucks that travel within and beyond port boundaries and from vessels approaching from the sea or used in the harbor.

Lucien Robroek, Nuvera’s president and CEO, took center stage at the World Hydrogen Summit at the Port of Rotterdam in May 2022 for a session entitled Hydrogen & Maritime: Solutions, Innovations & Timescales. Equipped with green hydrogen infrastructure, ports will be at the epicenter of global clean energy transformation. Hydrogen-powered vehicles meet the intensive duty cycles, unpredictable and long-distance routes, charging infrastructure uncertainty, and high auxiliary power requirements of many heavy-duty work cycles associated with port operations.

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Nuvera Announces Fuel Cell Engine Order by CMT Research Institute from Universitat Politècnica de València

Billerica, Mass., June 16, 2022 Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, announces an order for an E-Series Fuel Cell Engine from CMT, a propulsion technology research institute at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.

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Our Customers’ Success Is Our Success

A Conversation with Ralph Clague, Chief Development Officer

Ralph Clague joined Nuvera in October 2021 as Chief Development Officer. We asked him about his background, interests, and vision for Nuvera’s technology and production evolution.

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Nuvera Fuel Cells Partners with Hytech Engineering & Services AS for Zero-Emission Machinery

Billerica, Mass., April 5, 2022 Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of fuel cell power solutions for industrial applications, has received a purchase order and signed a memorandum of understanding with Hytech AS. The engineering and services firm based in Klepp Stasjon, Norway will evaluate the use of Nuvera® E-45 Fuel Cell Engines for stationary power uses.

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Nuvera Partners with Dayco to Offer Comprehensive Fuel Cell Vehicle Solutions

Billerica, Mass., March 9, 2022 Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a manufacturer of heavy-duty, zero-emission fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications, has entered into a strategic relationship with Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems manufacturer for the automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial market segments, to provide fully integrated fuel cell solutions for commercial vehicles.

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Nuvera Announces Fuel Cell Engine Order from European Systems Integrator

Billerica, Mass., March 4, 2022 Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a manufacturer of heavy-duty, zero-emission fuel cell systems, announces an order for an E-Series Fuel Cell Engine from Devinn, a systems integrator and product development company based in the Czech Republic. Devinn provides power solutions for both motive and stationary applications and will use the Nuvera® E-60 engine to power its H2BOT semi-autonomous battery electric vehicle charging unit. The project is financed by a European Union (EU) partnership to accelerate research and development in hydrogen as a power source.

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