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Fuel Cells for Marine Vessels

Shipping is responsible for three percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The UN Conference on Trade and Development recently accelerated the timeframe to achieve net-zero carbon shipping globally from 2050 to 2040. However, maritime applications present a unique set of decarbonization challenges, as well as both national and international regulatory compliance requirements. 

Interest in fuel cells has grown as the maritime industry looks for ways to tackle environmental concerns and improve efficiency and reliability. Hydrogen and other fuels that can be produced renewably are considered promising enablers for powering harbor craft and ocean-going vessels. Use of hydrogen fuel cells, either for primary propulsion or auxiliary power, reduces exhaust emissions, vibration, noise, and environmental costs associated with diesel-powered vessels.


Nexus Energy is a sustainable innovation company that is developing modular zero emission solutions for maritime and on-shore applications. Nexus is developing a modular powerpack based on Nuvera fuel cell engines.


The Hydrogen Initiative for Sustainable Energy Applications (HI-SEA) is a collaborative project of the University of Genoa and the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. Nuvera provided eight fuel cell stacks for testing in the HI-SEA experimental plant to evaluate their performance for maritime applications.


Nuvera and system integrator H2Boat are collaborating on a zero-emission energy solution for maritime applications. 

H2B launched in 2020 to introduce sustainable hydrogen technology into the maritime sector, starting with pleasure boats. H2Boat, part of BluEnergy Revolution based in Genoa, Italy, focuses on the development of fuel cell, electrolyzer and hydrogen storage systems. 

The APOLO Project

Nuvera is among 12 partners of the APOLO project, which launched in January 2024. This initiative, funded by the European Union, will use power conversion technologies – including fuel cells – to enable maritime transport decarbonization. Nuvera will provide a 125 kW fuel cell engine capable of operating on hydrogen derived from ammonia, a renewable fuel gaining significance in the maritime sector.


Nuvera has established a formal technology development agreement with HELINOR Energy, a Norwegian company developing the next generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology for the maritime industry. The scalable fuel cell modules are designed to provide either primary propulsion or auxiliary power for ocean-going vessels.

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