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Off-Road Applications and Specialty Vehicles

Power for Remote, Hard-to-Reach Locations

There is significant unmet need for zero-emission energy solutions for high-performing vehicles and work machinery, especially where access to the grid is limited or non-existent and where diesel emissions are unacceptable.

Due to their ability to power heavy industrial equipment, overall reliability, and proven success in off-road vehicle deployments, hydrogen fuel cells are a central part of the clean energy conversation. For applications where battery charging is not available or is too time-consuming, fuel cells may provide the only practical zero-emission solution.

Pre-configured Nuvera® fuel cell engines can significantly shorten the design and integration time required for OEMs to develop and validate fuel cell technology in construction, mining, and agricultural machinery, and specialty vehicles of many types, such as turf care, road maintenance, snow plowing, and ground support equipment. Contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.


Nuvera and DANNAR are developing hydrogen fuel cell power solutions to markets in critical need of clean power options:

  • Municipalities
  • Fleets
  • Military applications
  • Agriculture
  • Mining

Use of Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines on DANNAR’s mobile platform is intended to extend the operational range of the DANNAR MPS and introduce clean, safe, and efficient options for remote power for off-road and heavy equipment applications.


Nuvera and Devinn, a systems integrator and product development company based in the Czech Republic providing power solutions for both motive and stationary applications, will use the Nuvera® E-60 engine to power the H2BOT semi-autonomous battery electric vehicle charging unit. The H2BOT system is engineered for use in public parking lots, substituting static charging points and providing independence from the electric grid.

Devinn provides power solutions for both motive and stationary applications. The project is financed by a European Union (EU) partnership to accelerate research and development in hydrogen as a power source.

Winning the competitive bid allows Nuvera to provide Devinn a zero-emission option for a mobile, independent source of electrical energy using hydrogen fuel cells and variable power outputs, providing universal power and charging opportunities.

Military Applications

There are strategic and tactical advantages of fuel cells over both diesel internal combustion engines and battery-only powertrains.

Electric equipment is quieter and easier to use in the field than mechanical systems.

Fuel cell electric vehicles generally provide greater range than battery EVs, can be quickly refueled, and perform reliably in cold weather.

Fuel cells also have lower heat and EM signatures than internal combustion engines which may enable them to better evade detection by adversaries.

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