Today, National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, is a day full of activities to raise awareness of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies that provide reliable and resilient power, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase America’s energy security.  The date, October 8 (10.08), is in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008).

Continuing Nuvera’s contributions to hydrogen industry milestones, Nuvera marks National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day with: 

  • Announcement of a technology debut! Demonstration of a electrochemical hydrogen compressor (EHC) for a premiere fueling event. 
  • A kick-off at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass.! Presentation of all-in hydrogen solutions for fast-fueled power in electric forklift operations.

Together with the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association, Nuvera celebrates the growth in the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. As indicated by what is happening nationwide in business, industry and transportation, hydrogen is now! With several fuel cell vehicle models on the road, a budding network of dozens of hydrogen fueling station in California, thousands of fuel cell-powered forklifts working in America’s warehouses and factories, and hundreds of megawatts of fuel cells powering homes, buildings, and businesses across the country, now is the time to continue supporting this innovative, clean technology!

Visit for more on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. Nuvera is a member of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association

Thank you for supporting National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. Please contact Connor Dolan at the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Association (202.261.1331 or with any questions, comments, or suggestions.